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Between us 


Video HD 7min

On one of its sides, the free blown glass container has my face pushing towards the inside. The glass forms a surface of my face; it is a skin, a wall or a sarcophagus, which is visible only when light hits it in the right angle. I hold the mask in front me and place it on my face. My face leans towards the cold and hard surface of the glass, and my breath steams. The mask fits on my face quite well, though the heat of a working stage has reshaped some of my features; the nose has broken off, the cheeks are wider and ‘the eve’s apple’ hurts. I try to fill every corner and space so that the mask will fall on the place where it belongs. At the same time the glass wall makes it impossible for me to breath properly.


The glass skin shapes and changes me, it stretches my nose, pushes my forehead and changes the tone of my skin. A viewer sees everything filmed from outside of the container. It is not clear whether I aim to say something, to break through the wall, or if I’m even aware that someone is observing me.

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