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L. Puska Daily Drawings

220114, 220117, 221210, 220113

Greetings in Blue


7,5 x 10,5 cm
L. Puska

Daily Drawings (DD)
2022 -
Durational performance and shared routine


The performance consists of a daily gesture of drawing. Initiated by L. Puska, the project aims to support development of artistic work and resist high-speed artistic production and performance culture. Since 2022, the performance has been conducted as a shared routine by inviting another artist to join the performance for a full calendar year at the time.
To encourage and enshrine a dialogue between an artist and her/his work, the drawings performed may remain unpublished. Therefore, there is a contract compiled by a layer which states the commitment and terms of the performance. The contract functions as the public utterance of the performance.

Since 2022, I have invited another artist to join the drawing routine with me for a length of one year at the time. The participating artists are: Pieter Bullen (BE) 2022, Roos Nieboer (BE/NL) 2023.

Daily Drawings (DD) contract 2023 L. Puska Roos Nieboer

DD Contract 2023
Between L. Puska and Roos Nieboer
Printed on A4, 2 pages, each artist possesses a signed copy in a folde

The performed drawings may remain private. The contract

functions as a speech-act of the performance taking place at each artists' studio.

L. Puska performance Daily Drawings

DD Workbook 2023
L. Puska
Printed booklet, 10,5 x 14,8 cm, 47 pages

The Workbook is a part of the Starting Package given to the artists in the beginning of

the performance year. The kit also includes a date stamp and stickers to mark the performance each day of the year.

Daily Drawings poem Statement L. Puska.jpg

DD poem statement

2022 -
Printed on A4, included in the DD folder accompanying the contracts

DD 230417 L. Puska
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