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Dialogue L. Puska

Still from video

Dialogue and a series of moments, 2017

Dialogue and a series of moments

Video 27'
Audio interpretation in Finnish


The video piece is based on one gesture, raising a glass. The couple sitting at the table challenges each other again and again: every raise is an opportunity to confront, negotiate or attack.

Voice interpreter Pipsa Toikka has a broader perspective on the situation, and she interprets the expressions and gestures included in this wordless dialogue based on the original video triptych. The voice narration leads through the events, and the viewer can only see the lifting of the glasses and splashing of colourful liquids on the table cloth depicted from above.

The version with the Finnish audio interpretation was edited and produced for Kunniavieras, the event for accessible art in Rauma.

The video work was selected to the exhibition New Glass Now in Corning Museum of Glass (2019-20) in New York as the only entry by an individual artist from Finland.

Trailer Dialogue and a series of moments

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