I might be closer to you than you think


Installation for three rooms

The installation consists of 3 rooms filled with pieces of video and light works, text (written and audio), and sculptural elements. The work observes a position of an individual in a society.


Each room reveals a different state: 

INVISIBLE - when an individual becomes one with the mass

VISIBLE - when an individual becomes separated from a group

THE ENCOUNTER - where an actual meeting between two individuals may happen. A viewer may sit on the sofa and listen to the audio track from a pair fo headphones. On the sofa, there are also two pairs of plaster hands that react to touching and change the colour when encountering human temperature.


The installation asks how we humans look at each other, and how a notion of otherness is formed.

The work has been shown in the gallery Five in Quanzhou in China, curated by Deming Chen and WE Art Projects. The installation has also shown as a part of Rolling Snowball exhibition taking place in AMNUA Art Museum of Nanjing Art University collaboration with CEAC (Chinese European Art Centre).

gallery Five

Quanzhou, PRC


Rolling Snowball


Art Museum of Nanjing

Nanjing, PRC


Video, breathing light eyes, audio

The audio describes a moment when an individuals merges into a mass and disappears as in individual entity.

Position Invisible (video HD, audio).jpg
Bystander (light bulb, eyes, metal stand


Body parts from plaster, alginate, big paper with egg shape, video with eyes, audio

In the room, there is a table of investigation, filled with body parts. The audio tells a story about a moment when an individual is seen different and excluded from a group as the other.

Gesture analysis (plaster, alginate).jpg


Plaster hands that react to touching and change colour, 2x LED light boxes, audio

The viewer may sit down on a sofa to listen the audio track from a pair of headphones. On the sofa, there are two pairs of plaster hands. When the viewer touches the hands, the colour changes into pink.