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Other bakers LRDC 2019.jpg

Photo by Lin Xiuqing

Other bakers

between an experience and dough


One day workshop

LRDC 2019

run by ESDC and C-Platform

Lucitopia, CH

Other bakers, between an experience and dough was organised as a closing event of LRDC (Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge) taking place in Lucitopia town in Qingliangshan national forest park, in Zixi County, Jiangxi Province, China in May 2019.

The Other bakers functioned as a performative gesture and invitation to reflect the shared experience in Lucitopia. Around 40 international designers participated in the workshop where the experience was digested with an hands-on approach, baking Finnish bun dough. Following the idea of identity baking, the participants were asked to form pairs and bake each other, someone they got to know during the time in Lucitopia. Battling between their ideas, a notion of representation and qualities of dough, the designers concluded the new encounters and shared space between them.

Other bakers LRDC 2019.jpg
Other bakers LRDC 2019.jpg
Other bakers LRDC 2019.jpg

Photos by Lin Xiuqing

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