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L. Puska data from artistic practice

Removal of the Artist 2010 - 2203

Oct 21 - Sep 22

From a series of data visualizations Landscape of an Artist

Performing Administration
October 2021 - until the end of the career as a professional artist
Durational performance
and data archive



The performance consists of a daily act of noting down hours spent and tasks included in my artistic practise. The artistic practice is not only considered in terms of artistic production but I intend to make visible all kinds of tasks belonging to practising art as a profession. Therefore the artistic practice is divided into five departments: Administration, Management, Art, Archive, and Production.


Divided Practitioner, 2020


I register data in the AHRS (the Artist’s Hour Recording System), a matrix that I have developed and keep adjusting alongside the research. In addition to hours and departments, I take note on task descriptions, qualitative aspects (maintenance / progress), and methods in use.

The data is translated into a series of data visualisations under the title The Landscape of an Artist:

  • Removal of an Artist, Oct 21 - Sep 22, monthly analysis, digital chart / print on silk 200 x 50 cm

  • Hours of Pie, Oct 21 - Dec 22, digital pie chart / printed on A4 archived in a folder

  • The Mountain View, Oct 21 - ongoing, monthly analysis, digital stacked column chart and A6 size postcard

  • Removal of Life, Oct 21 - Dec 22, monthly analysis, digital chart

  • Doing Doughnut, August 23 - ongoing, weekly analysis, digital chart

AHRS metrixis

Template December 2021, Template May 2022, Template June 2023

Landscape of an artist (Mountain view), Oct 2021

series of monthly data visualisations, postcard A6.

Installation view, Performing Administration, 2022

Since October 2021, the performance has been carried out uninterrupted. In the project statement, I commit to continuing the performance until the end of my career as a professional artist.

The project statement functions as an speech-act for the daily, non-public performance.

Project statement for Performing administration, 2022.

Performing Administration, June 2022

Installation view, Performing administration, 2022.

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