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Bakers performance workshop L. Puska

Workshop documentation

Other Bakers - between an experience and dough, 2019

Lucitopia / LRDC Festivall

Qingliangshan National Forest Park Jiangxi, CH

- between a mirror and dough

2015 - current

Performative workshop, shared baking session


The shared baking session expands from an experience I had while trying to bake my self-portrait from a traditional Finnish bun dough: it became a battle between my ideas, my hands and the qualities of the dough. It was a struggle about how the result should look, how I would want to be like and how it ends up looking after the dough rising in the oven. This confusing experience fascinated me and I wanted to explore it further in a shared, social environment.

The sessions begin with preparing the bun dough and followed by a discussion about the topics of identity and representation. The participants are suggested to bake a self-portrait but there is space for relating and open-interpretation forms. The results have varied from angry women to boyfriend buns, from posing for bun-selfies and exchanging about shaping one’s identity, cultural expectations and touching personal stories.

The Baking workshops have been organised from group sessions to one-to-one moments in various occasions and countries.

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