Based on our experiences we form an image about ourselves and the surrounding. It is a continuously changing and developing process of collecting pieces and recomposing the whole. This perception is highly subjective, and one can never express it fully to another person. Then again, a perception of your viewer may not match with the image you have of yourself. Living in an interactive society we are confronted with social rules, conventions and prevalent norms. Differences between perceptions are highlighted in a society that emphasizes individualism whilst proposing strong ideals. Consequently, there is a constant exchange and reflection between you and your surrounding. 


I wonder what happens in the ‘between’ space, where individuals encounter their surrounding. Using personal memories and experiences I aim to unravel elements of an identity while simultaneously questioning if it is really original, something borrowed, or inherent. 

Often a starting point for my work is a gesture, which I perform. A gesture represents a voice; during it I have a control that I lose subsequently after a gesture is over. In turn, a performing body can be seen as an instrument following its command. 


Whether self-made, adapted, or a ready-structured gesture, I balance between control and letting go, in a process of defining limits of the self. By protecting, revealing, and distorting, a line is blurred between inside and outside, self-made and constructed, me and you.

Some of the main elements used in my works are repetition, video and narration; they function as tools of observation. Repetition and recycling of materials expose a variety of possibilities. Moving image and narration enable a careful contemplation and an intimate approach.