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ToGetHer_Making Space.jpg

Installation view

ToGetHer, 2019, Making Space

Guangzhou, CN


A series of participatory sculptures, video, sound


The installation consists of five participatory sculptures, including and accompanied with video and sound. The sculptures construct a path that can be walked through the gallery space. A viewer can choose from two positions: stand outside as an observer or step in and be embraced by the sculptures.


When put together the titles of the pieces form a sentence:

(1) Stand (2) with me where (3) I (4) never stood (5) before.

The exhibition space has 24-hour access and an entry may be requested using a phone app.


The body of work was developed during the residency period in Making Space in Guangzhou, China. Some of the sculptures have since been exhibited in KANAL - Center Pompidou in Brussels curated by Curatorial Studies at KASK.

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