How long is too long, Puska Laura, 2015
How long is too long, Puska Laura, 2015

How long is too long



Installation with 2 videos and a series of postcards

- How long is too long

Video loop with audio

Displayed by using a cell phone.


- Waiting Room

   Video HD

Projected on an opposite wall.

- Postcard series

A series of hand-made postcards, in a rack hanging on a wall.

The two videos are displayed on opposite walls in a space. Next to the door, there are postcards in a rack for viewers to take with them.


In the video Waiting Room I sit on a chair and wait. Nothing happens, and I just keep waiting in a hallway. The postcards by the door are the same color as my shirt and my stockings, the walls of the building and the lighting in the video. Everything is light, reddish beige. In the postcards there are some written confessions, fears and momental limitations. Those you normally never tell to anyone, at least you don’t write them on a picture side of a card. Postcards are hand written but using a template. Each card is different and a viewer can take one with him, there will always be more.

On the other side of the room there is a cell phone nailed on a wall. On a screen runs a video with a mouth, like the person talking on speaker phone while the camera is on. 


The voice asks:

How long is too long to dinner with a neighbor

How long is too long to not to call to your mother

How long is too long to wait for you


How long is too long’ is a moment after a long flat period when everything remains the same and never seems to change. Suddenly there is a breaking point when everything changes; bad into good, and good into bad. The dinner becomes blurry late night, the last call is already months ago though you promised to call her the coming Sunday, and hopeful longing for your dearest changes into torturing misery. The moment of change is so subtle that you barely notice it happening. Only afterwards you realize how this new reality wiped away the old one. 

With the monotonous voice, the mouth on the cell phone screen shares descriptions of daily duties. The voice questions what is being done and because of whom. It is a story about the independency of an individual as well as about intimacy and its difficulty. Perhaps it is even a love story.

How long, Puska_edited.png
How long, Puska_edited.png