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Living Room Project


A series of site-specific installations 

(Finland / Iran / France)

living (room)¨
1. A room in a house for general everyday use 

2. Alive 

(Source Oxford dictionary) 

Living Room Project I

Kotka, Finland, 2016

Living Room Project is a long-term project that consists of a series of site-specific installations taking place in three locations: Finland (December 2016), Iran (March 2017) and France (October 2017).

During each installation I moved to a temporary  ̈home ̈ where I lived and worked for several weeks. By placing myself in a foreign surrounding, I created work in a dialogue and as a reaction to the surroundings.

As a conclusion to each working period I set up an installation. Projected video elements, sculptures and performative gestures within the  ̈home ̈ made the space to become  ̈alive ̈.

Can I come closer?

Living Room Project I

Kotka, Finland, 2016


The three locations varied in terms of their geological and cultural qualities; an old wooden house on a Finnish island, a mountain residency where a car is a necessity for any daily duties in Iran, and a city apartment in the centre of Paris. Diverse soundscapes, habits and social events are formed around these locations.

Ornamental Dialogue

Living Room Project II

Keresht, Iran, 2017

Currents / Comings: 


I am eager to take a deeper look into the collected material and develop the elements further in a new surrounding. What is the story that these elements tell once removed from their original contexts? The first phase of the project was an intimate encounter with myself and the location, without a viewer. I want to share the discoveries of the project and share my findings in a public space. 

Based on the material that I collected during the working periods, I compose a video collage for each location. These collages are like portraits, revealing the atmosphere, identity and my thoughts about my stay.

The video collages form a new installation that will be presented in Etemad gallery in Tehran in December 2019.

Curtain maker Living Room Project III

Paris, France, 2017

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