Not Now


Nothing Gallery

Xiamen, CH

The gallery space is covered with white: holes on walls are filled, windows and doors are blocked with white paper, and the floor as well. The space is quiet, obscure and clean, only the air conditioner is blowing cool air while outside waits the heat of Fujian summer. The white room is an empty space, it is a private space, someone’s own space and no space. A video is projected on a wall; a character appears and disappears behind the white fabric. On another wall there are papers of A4 filled with texts about fears and limitations. Those ones you rarely mention aloud.


During the opening viewers step in the space, the white floor collects shoe prints and tracks the viewers by their movement. The space is no longer white, private nor untouched. Now it has become a map that white objects in the space have defined.


After the opening the space changes again; the paper floor is removed and the map of shoe prints is hung on a wall. The wall is different shape than the floor, and I modify my own map to fill the whole surface.

© 2019 by Laura Puska