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Portrait series, Puska.jpg

Portrait Series


Installation with video, drawings and glass

Ocean Base

Amsterdam, NL

The video is projected on a wall in the back of the space, and it shows my eyes observing straight through a camera lens. The camera moves: first the left side of my face, the hair, then the other side, continues along my neck, on the chest and all the way down to the corner of my dress. I appear, I stare, and I disappear. 

In the video I am drawing a self-portrait by using a turned screen of the camera as my mirror. With my hand I navigate the camera so I can see every part of myself. Once in a while I reach outside of the frame while drawing the image on a big white and red tablecloth in front of me. The same tablecloth hangs in the other end of the exhibition space. Along with the image, a voice is heard in the space. It repeats an obscure story about illusionary memories while defining common ideals.


In the middle of the space, there are two big drawings hanging. Dried ink puddles form bodies with eyes like bottoms of bottles or drinking glasses. On a wall, there are more of these drawings, with only faces. These ones have two layers of paper: the top layer has a line drawing, underneath an ink mask is revealed with empty eye circles.


There are broken drinking glasses on a floor. Colored liquid inside of them is dried, the colors are bright and not realistic at all, except maybe in some fancy and wild cocktails. Glasses create two groups around and on two round mirrors on the floor. Next to them on a wall, a white tablecloth or a bed sheet hangs on a wall. It is full of the same kind of circles found from the eyes in the drawings. 

Portrait series, Puska_edited.jpg
Portrait series, Puska.jpg
Portraits series, Puska_edited.jpg
Portrait series, Puska_edited.jpg
Portrait series, Puska_edited_edited.jpg
Portrait series, Puska_edited.jpg
Portrait series, Puska_edited.jpg
Portraits series,
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