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URGENT - Residency for Artworks

2020 / 2023


performance by L. Puska with a sculpture by Eva Spierenburg

URGENT - Residency for Artworks
2020 / 2023

Performance with three artworks from other artists



URGENT - Residency for Artworks is a platform to ponder upon material agency and the role of the artwork as a performer through performance and shared experience. The project aims to give a central stage to an art object and engage in interactions and discussions through its existence.

The performance stems from the necessity to reconsider our relationship to objects in the times of overproduction and exhausting consumption. The invited object is the voice bringing forth this question.


Launched in 2020 by L. Puska, the project runs with three residency guests during the year 2023. Each object and the performance is handed over for The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux for a short period of time.


Who said that artworks don't wear pants


Images from living with the sculpture blob by Eva Spierenburgt

Invited guest residents:

spring / blob by Eva Spierenburg

summer / untitled by Niina Tervo

winter / Sijben Rosa

URGENT Residency for Artworks L. Puska Eva Spierenburg blob
URGENT_I_words from the artist.jpg
URGENT Residency for Artworks L. Puska Niina Tervo untitled
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